Benefits of  Supervisor Training


Poor supervision costs money. It results in lower production output, lost orders, dissatisfied customers and workers, miscommunication leading to inaccurate reports, and so that by the time a message travels from the supervisor to the executive level, 80% of its content has been lost. The training program will examine the basic abilities of the employees, define the skills needed for effective leadership, and teach critical management techniques.


Here are just some example of many of the immediate benefits from training:

Error Rate Reduction (training is much cheaper than ignorance)

Reduced Employee Turnover (resulting from poor supervision)

Higher Workplace Morale (through more effective management practices)

Reduced Recruitment Costs, and Savings on Higher Salaries (training will allow more promoting from within)

Improved Communication (upwards and downwards)

Maximized Productivity (new employees will get up to speed faster through efficient initial training)

A Safer Work Environment (and compliance)

Company Protection (against legal action, disputes, or litigation)

Increased Cooperation (and reduced stress in the workplace)

Better Focus by Lower Management (on achieving company goals)

Better Education, (and updated skills of a multicultural work force)

Quicker Employee Adaptation (to the process of change in the work place)

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