If you select this option, employees will benefit from a focused environment, away from outside distractions during several sessions on different topics.

A total of six or seven one hour fifteen minutes sessions has proven being very effective, like the sample format shown below:

Objective of the Training

This session identifies the need for the training while allowing the participants to introduce themselves and express what specific area they wish to have particularly addressed.

Starting as a New Supervisor

This session focuses on the vital shift for those promoted into supervision from within, as well as those coming in new with the company.

Learning Supervisory Skills

Supervisors will acquire the necessary personal skills for people supervision: Leadership, Motivation, and Management Style. Trainees will learn the art of delegation, how to assign work, and how to organize themselves for a better time management.


We will address how supervisors can communicate effectively with subordinates, individually, as a team, and with people from other departments.

Dealing with Employee Problems

Topics include the Supervisor's responsibility, safety and legal issues, dealing with difficult people, employee concerns, complaints, conflict, and what to do in a crisis situation.

People Management

Hiring, firing, reviewing, and promoting, building a winning team to achieve company goals and objectives.

Applying disciplinary measures.

Using constructive criticism.



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