Warehousing Solutions

Is your warehouse creating more headaches than solutions for your company?

Are goods being shipped as fast and as correctly as they should?

 Are transportation costs over your budget?

Do you believe your freight could be turned around a lot faster?

Are you getting non-compliance charge backs, shipping violations, losses and claims?

 How do you keep track of each shipment?

Do you have full control of your customer's orders, all the way through your shipping process?

 Why can't your order pickers seem to be able to locate merchandise, what happened to the locator system?

 How did your warehouse employees learn the job, and how do they keep up to date?

 Employee errors may be costing you a lot more than you know.

Can you put a price on lost re-orders due to poor productivity?

What about the damage done to the relationship with your customers?

If some of the above topics sound a little too familiar, help is available.

I consider warehouse consulting as a business partnership which only objective is a win-win situation.

Get the immediate assistance you need in the areas of logistics and physical distribution operations with some specialized Warehouse Management Consulting


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