Management Training and Consulting (A.K.A. Warehouse Management Consulting)



Jacques Moutet, Warehouse and Apparel Logistics Consultant



Over twenty years of management experience in the apparel industry, wholesale, retail, and manufacturing,


Extensive experience in warehousing and physical distribution, transportation, and inventory control.


A full understanding of manufacturing, logistics, customer service, import-export, and international trading.


Strong personnel and HR management: interviewing, training, budgeting, scheduling, and reviewing.


Proven leadership in personnel motivation, specialized in team building and communication.


Computer Integration: AS400, UNIX, W. M. S. systems, A. C. S., P. K. M. S., S. T. S, Garpac, Windows Applications.


Multicultural knowledge with fluency in English, Spanish, and French.

Some of the companies that have greatly benefited from consulting services, include:

- Aris Industries: Europe Craft Imports, Members Only, Perry Ellis, Converse

- B. C. B. G. Max Azria, AZ3, Inc.

- Wet Seal / Contempo Casuals

- World Linen and Textile Company, Inc.

- Globus-Trade

- J. S. Weston, Inc.

Apparel Third Party Logistics Distribution Services Companies:

- T. P. E. / Operon Distributors, Inc.

- Distribution Services Logistics (D. S. L.)

- Distribution Services Merchandising (D. S. M.)

- Dependable Distribution Center (D. D. C.)

Jacques Moutet

Warehouse Management Consulting

Tel: (562) 494-5385

Fax: (562) 986-9869


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